2 Year Old Program

2 Year Old Program

The RDN two year old program is designed for children 2-3 years of age who are basically comfortable being separated from their parents for 2 ½ hours a day, two or three times a week.

  • Children must be 2 years old by September 1st
  • Classes offered Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • Children need not be potty trained
  • Focus on socialization with peers
  • Beginning lessons in following simple directions
  • Introduction to colors & shapes
  • Introduction to rules, manners and sharing

In order to be eligible for the two year old program your child should beable to:

  • Play independently
  • Play alongside or with other children
  • Talk to other children
  • Communicate their needs to adults
  • Follow simple directions (i.e. "put the toy in the basket")
3 Year Old Program

3 Year Old Program

The RDN three year old program includes:

  • Reciting the alphabet
  • Daily calendar review ( days of the week, months, numbers)
  • Color & shape recognition
  • Name recognition (spelling & identifying)
  • Small motor skills (easel painting, cutting, coloring, play dough)
  • Gross motor skills (climbing, jumping, building with blocks)
  • Educational computer games
  • Social development including manners
  • Daily singing
  • Public speaking (show and tell)
  • In-house special programs
  • Rotating daily helpers

Program Specific Notes:

  • Offered Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • Teacher student ratio of 2 to 12
  • Children should be at least working on potty training
  • Please keep a change of clothes in their school bag in case of accidents
  • If your child wears pull ups, please leave one or two in their bag
4 Year Old Program

4 Year Old Program

The RDN four year old program includes:

  • Preparation for Kindergarten
  • Weekly letter recognition and writing
  • Color & shape recognition
  • Name recognition (spelling, writing & identifying first and last name)
  • Weekly Readers
  • Small & gross motor skills
  • Computers
  • Introductory Spanish
  • Social Development
  • Public Speaking (show and tell, group discussions)
  • Daily singing
  • Rotating daily helpers
  • Field Trips
  • Optional afternoon mini-enrichment sessions

Program Specific Notes:

  • Children must be potty trained
  • Offered 5 mornings a week
  • Teacher student ratio of 2 to 15